What is copy trade/trade copying?

 Just like normal trading, we trade on our own account. Then, the broker will replicate our trading activities to your account. Whenever we open a position, your own account will follow the same. It’s so-called you are our follower.Our account trading results are yours, following the same. We win, you win. We lose, you lose. Some brokers are supporting Copy Trading.

– To Copy our Trading: Please get an account ready with ExnessFBS & FXTM

Other Brokers? No matter what your broker is, we can trade it on your behalf. But, we request the trading capital from $50,000 as we trade your single account alone.We will never have direct access to your funds. By accepting the copying, the brokers will execute trades on your behalf.
 If you’re not happy with our results, simply stop it anytime.
– Performance fee: 25% of ROI (Return on Investment).
– Payment: The broker will take the performance fee every 30 days circle running or when you disconnect the copying. If your account goes into negative (never we do, but you need to clear), you will only be charged after we recover the previous lose.   
* Capital required to join our copy trading: from $US2000 will be best to generatehigh profit.

It is clear to say that the investor/client account is always keeping his own fund management. All payments, deposits and withdrawal requests will be direct with your preferred broker of choice, that means not with us. We COULD NOT deposit or withdraw funds from your account. We get the “Limited Power of Attorney” from you for us to trade only. Client designates an “Authorized Trading Agent”, as Agent and attorney-in-fact for the purpose of buying and selling marginal foreign currency lots for the undersigned Client’s Account.

What Globaltizen Capital can do for you: Build your own brand name, a Forex Strategy that you and your team can promote everywhere to attract your clients. You just pay a small monthly fee and share 30% of your total earnings. Start with $100, you get all the tools including email, website, your own FX account with your preferred broker. Your FX account could be a single trading account, a PAMM or MAM master account. Thousands of our clients are having unlimited earning with our business scheme. You will, too.

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